Bellarine Business Clinics

One on one consults with experts to get crucial support for your business.

Is your business time poor, but you desperately need access to high quality affordable experts to help your business?

Every Wednesday we give our work space users access to experts from different fields to help them solve problems in their business quickly. No commitment. No sell. Just on the spot help.







General Advice

How it works.

Business Clinics run from 10am to 2pm every Wednesday.

1. Simply book a desk on any Wednesday.

2. Arrive at your convenience.

3. Write your name on the board for the next available slot.

4.┬áKeep working until it’s your turn.

5. Meet the Business Generalist for your 30 minute slot.

Ready to book?

Casual desks in our workspace are $50 per user per day.

For multi-day pass and resident desk pricing, visit here.