Co-working spaces aren’t just a great resource for small business owners, they are a brilliant way for corporate teams to break their daily routine.

Stepping outside the regular office for workshops, team meetings or even relocating for a day or two can inject some much-needed energy and enthusiasm thanks to a change of scenery.

The lure of million-dollar water views offered by the Business Hub at Queenscliff Marina is pretty hard to resist – if we do say so ourselves. It was certainly the case for Di Nelson, Business Development Manager with Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine, and her team who spent a half day working from the Hib recently.

We could spend all day telling you how great it is to work at the Hub, but don’t just believe us – here’s what Di had to say about the team’s offsite working experiment.


Why did you decide to work for half a day out at Business Hub at Queenscliff Marina?

It was a new venue and we wanted to see what it was like. We thought it would be a really good way to connect with our members in Queenscliff and make it easy for them to visit us but also it was a good opportunity for them to get to see what the Hub was all about


What were the benefits to your team of stepping outside the office?

It was really good for us all to be somewhere together and to be in a new space. Often in our office there is a lot happening so we could be together as a small membership team. We also tend to be visiting new members and things separately, so again it was another good way for us to experience something together.



What kind of feedback did you get from your staff?

Fabulous, how could you not be inspired to work in such a beautiful space with the harbour right outside our window. It was like a little adventure together!

What did you enjoy the most about working from the Hub?

The location, it was extremely well set out. The Hub’s owner Arash went out of his way to ask what we wanted and needed for the day before we got there so we would not waste any time. Arash was there to show us how everything worked and on hand if we needed anything. The space was bright, clean and well equipped.


Is it something you would do again and, if so, why?

Yes we would definitely do it again, it ticked two boxes for us – a day working in a different location but it made it easy for our members to see us in Queenscliff instead of having to come to Geelong. It was a very positive experience.


What would you say to other teams thinking about taking time away from their regular surroundings?

Highly recommend it. There are activities you could include in any team building exercise at the Harbour and there are a number of nice restaurants to eat at. A very pleasurable day working out of the office. Gave us some great thinking time too!